‘Wear it Pink’ day raises valuable funds

On Thursday 6th October 2022, we held our first ‘Wear it Pink’ day to raise awareness and funds for the Breast Cancer Now charity.

We’re pleased to announce our successful charity event raised a massive total of


Our Rosehill colleagues entered into a cycling challenge, bought raffle tickets and took part in competitions to help raise a whopping £845 on the day.

Our customers took advantage of special offers and we made a donation to the charity for each product bought, helping to take the final fundraising amount to over a thousand pounds.

Our charity day was a fantastic occasion and everyone who took part agreed it was an enjoyable event, but of course, there is a serious issue behind our efforts.

Every year in the UK, around 55,000 women and 370 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. There are nearly 1,000 deaths from breast cancer each month. However, the news is getting better and due to ground-breaking research, early diagnosis and improvements in treatment, the survival rate has doubled in the past 40 years.

Breast Cancer Now is a charity which is there to support anyone who is affected by breast cancer and to carry out world-class research into the disease to help save lives, prevent cancer and to live well with breast cancer.

On Monday 19th December, Amanda Hannah and her husband, Pete, visited us to talk about how Breast Cancer Now has helped their lives and now as their roles as volunteers working for the charity.

Amanda’s story …

Amanda first felt a lump in her breast in October 2020. The following month she underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. In February 2021, she then started a gruelling course of chemotherapy followed by further surgery to remove her lymph nodes. In the August, she started a course of radiotherapy. She bravely fought the disease and is now fit and well. She now has to take a course of tablets for 10 years to ensure

With thanks to Breast Cancer Now, Amanda and Pete were able to access the right information, help and support to help them through this difficult stage in their lives.

Amanda (pictured centre left) says: “After my treatment and the help I was given by Breast Cancer Now, I wanted to help other people by doing something positive. The charity has a programme called ‘Someone like me’. This involves you being paired up with someone who is or has been going through similar experiences and you’re there to talk through the ups and downs on this journey.

As a woman, losing your hair is one of the significant and upsetting moments. Just to be able to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through really can help.

Their help was invaluable when I needed it and now I’m giving something positive back.

Pete praised the charity by saying: “It’s a large charity, but with a very human touch. There’s a really lovely community of people working together to help each other. In the early days of Amanda’s diagnosis we found the information, which is easily accessible online, marvellous and we couldn’t praise this enough.

I’m able to talk and guide partners, husbands and extended family in how to deal with some of the issues and problems they’ll face.

We all go through rigorous training before we’re partnered up as a support. Each volunteer is assigned a mentor to help them through process. There are many variations, diagnoses and stages of cancer and everyone deals with it in their own way. Volunteering is a rewarding role and it’s invaluable the service it provides.

Both Amanda and Pete were astonished and extremely grateful for the amazing amount we raised for the worthwhile charity.

We can’t thank Amanda and Pete enough for sharing their story with us; they’re certainly an inspiration too!

Breast Cancer Now wrote to us : “It’s an incredible achievement, and you must be so proud. You’re helping to provide support for today and hope for the future – a future where everyone who develops breast cancer lives, and is supported to live well. That couldn’t be possible without people like you – thank you.

The incredible amount you’ve raised will help us to continue finding ways to prevent the disease, improve early diagnosis, develop new treatments, campaign for better care, and support people with the physical and emotional impact of breast cancer. We really can’t thank you enough.”