British Pie Week – 5th to 11th March

There may be a lot of national celebration days and weeks around now, but we think British Pie Week is definately worth celebrating!

All of our pies are handmade in our bakery by experienced, knowledgeable staff. Here are just a few for you to choose from:

Our award-winning steak pie is one of our best sellers in-store. We slow cook our steak for at least three hours, then encase it in our handmade shortcrust pastry which is then topped off with light puff pastry. Available in a family size and also as an individual small pie.

Chicken, bacon and leek pies are also available in both sizes. The filling incorporates a creamy white sauce and again, comes in a shortcrust pastry case topped with puff pastry.

Our meat and potato pies are also very popular. Lakeland beef alongside potato is in a delicious gravy and just give it an extra flourish, we add a sprinkle of grated cheese!

The Pioneer pasty is perhaps one of the most renowned of our pies as it’s been known as the ‘Brunton Pasty’ by Carlisle United supporters for many years! This is a hand-crimped D shaped pasty with an delicious minced beef and vegetable filling – with a hint of pepper you won’t be disappointed with its savoury taste.

Of course, you can’t forget the sausage roll. We encase our tasty sausage mix in a light puff pastry; you can also find our curry sausage roll in-store which is now growing in popularity.

We sell many of our pies hot and ready to eat on the go.

Pioneer Foodstore | Meat & Potato pie
Pioneer Foodstore | Pasty