Emma Harkness
Production Worker

The start of Emma’s career …

Emma’s initial role in our retail store has taken her down a route that she would never have imagined and found a job she loves!

In 2002, Emma joined our team in our busy Fisher Street shop in the centre of Carlisle. After working there just a few short months, she then relocated to our foodhall at Rosehill. Her retail role involved serving customers and setting up the attractive displays in the shops, enticing customers to shop and browse.

“Pioneer is a good company to work for – they’ve been around forever. They are family oriented and their support of good works in the community is such a positive thing.”

Where is she now?

Although she enjoyed this role, Emma fancied a change of direction. In 2004, a vacancy became available in the factory and a new challenge began. Emma’s day-to-day role in the bacon department involves preparing our handcured bacon, slicing bacon to ensure that specific customer requests are fulfilled and tying gammon joints to customer requirements. Attention to detail is a key part of her job as it’s important that our customer driven staff work hard to ensure that orders are sent out in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.

Emma works hard to ensure stock rotation is systematically efficient which makes our business run productively by eliminating waste. Working to strict food regulations is of paramount importance in Emma’s role. Emma was put through a rigorous training programme before starting as a production worker and our Quality Assurance team ensures that this is followed up at regular intervals to ensure any changes are implemented.

“I’m certainly planning to stay and would like to progress further within my role. Who knows, I could be Bacon Manager one day!”