John Nee
Factory Manager

John recently celebrated over 43 years of service after joining us straight from school at the age of 16.

The early years

John started out helping our drivers deliver orders to customers. This was a job he really enjoyed as each day was different and he enjoyed the face-to-face contact with our customers across the region.

Soon, John became an apprentice butcher learning how to produce cuts of meat to ensure each carcass is as profitable as possible. Key skills he learnt during his apprenticeship were: knife skills, health & safety, profitability, seasonality and customer service.

John went onto to put his expertise and knowledge to use in a customer-facing role. He worked behind our meat counter in the foodstore where serving customers and advising on different cuts were his key responsibilities.

After six years working in the foodstore, John was promoted to Factory Manager.

“In 1993, I was offered the position of Factory Manager. This was a fantastic opportunity for me and I grabbed it with both hands!”

What does John’s role involve?

As Factory Manager, John is responsible for the day-to-day running of the butchery and its staff. Our butchery is still responsible for producing the highest quality cuts of meat to both our foodstore and foodservice customers.

John always ensures the standard of meat coming into the butchery is of the highest, the cuts are made in the most efficient and cost-effective way, correct temperatures are maintained, use-by dates are relevant and labelling is up-to-date. He works closely with our Quality Assurance team to ensure all food hygiene procedures are adhered to and we are compliant to all health and safety laws. We are regularly audited and John ensures we work to their strict guidelines.

We recently introduced our new long-service awards scheme and John’s loyal and dedicated service was recognised with vouchers and a holiday enhancement.

“I have always enjoyed working for this fantastic family business and have seen many amazing changes and growth over the years. I think the long-service awards scheme acknowledges the drive and commitment all our colleagues show.

“I really enjoy my job even after all these years. I work with fantastic colleagues in both the butchery and management teams. I work closely with Chris, our meat purchasing manager, and together we make a formidable team to ensure all our meat products are the best!”