Kevin Lightfoot
Cold Store Manager

Kevin joined the Pioneer team straight after leaving school,
so it’s the only place he’s ever worked and has plans to stay!

The start of Kevin’s career


Kevin’s first role was an order picker for frozen foods and meat orders. This was back in the days when our business was much smaller and before the new cold store extension was built separating frozen and ambient goods.

“I don’t want to work anywhere else
– I’ll be here forever!”


What did he do next?

After working for several years, ensuring that our customers received their orders exactly as requested, Kevin became a supervisor. This role involved him overseeing the order pickers to make sure that the day-to-day running of the order assembly was smooth, seamless and organised.

Kevin has been our Cold Store Manager for a couple of years now and has a high level of responsibility.

His role still involves making sure that customers receive their frozen goods in perfect condition and on time, however, he now works closely with colleagues across the business to maintain smooth running of the cold store.

Whether it is maintaining orderliness with his staff, deliveries from suppliers or temperature controls with quality assurance, Kevin’s job is key.